Automated data analytics that transforms location data into customer insights everyone can understand.

The time consuming processes from data gathering to analysis to interpretation are automated.

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- Customer geo-location is linked with census, demographic and predictive customer data

automation via AI based data analytics

Data Analytics

- Automates expert data scientist processes to aggregate, benchmark and evaluate data

turn data into insights with geolocation software

Actionable insights

- Data visualization and interpetation
- Presenation-ready profile reports
- Personalization APIs to tailor digital content

Simplifying Location Insights

Know your customers. Understand your markets.

WiseGeo's suite of analytic apps allows companies of any size to gain insights on their markets and customers. We automated proven data scientist techniques for site selection, customer profiling and segmentation by integrating geo-location data with census and predictive consumer data.

Data Driven Decisions Using Location Inteliigence

Site Selection for new store locations
Evaluate your entire existing retail network
How family friendly is your neghborhood
Digital content personalization based on mobile geo-location
Insights without tracking or confidential data
Who are my best customers and how do I find more
Win a franchisee with unique insights to start a business
Commercial real estate insights for your clients
Get demographic and interest profiles by product
Create a visual story describing your target market
Add demographic targeting options to your digital inventory
Media spending decisions and allocation support
How WiseGeo automated data and marketing analytics
  1. Location data is linked with geo-demographic data that we source and host (this is what data providers typically sell)
  2. Automated traditional data mining processes of calculating and benchmarking relevant data (this is what data analyst typically uses)
  3. Automated data analytics processes of applying expert knowledge to interpret and visualize data (this is what data scientists typically prepares)
  4. Presentation-ready profile reports that convert location data into customer insights (this is what business analysts typically prepare for executive decision making)
  5. Personalization and Data APIs provide insights allowing you to tailor each your digital content based on each user's geo-location when they arrive on your website

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Turn data into actionable insights

Automated data scientist

WiseGeo simplifies the time-consuming efforts to gather, link, analyze and interpret demographic data.

Data visualization

Instant profile reports create a visual story about your customers, trade areas, web visitors or target market.

Simple and powerful insights

App style interface makes it easy for anyone to use and understand. Powerful data analytics occurs behind the scenes.

Personalize digital content

Geo-location APIs enable you to personalize digital content to better engage with your website visitors individually - no cookies or tracking.

Solutions for all size businesses

All WiseGeo apps link location data with public, census and/or commerically available geo-demographics. No tracking data is used. We specialize in gathering data you want and transforming it into the insights you need. We recommend trying our "Share Apps" for free to get started.

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small business demographic software


enterprise and retailer demographic software


geofencing and geotargeting api


free version of census profile software


Neighborhood profile - Demographic highlights of any neighborhood in Canada

Census ADA/tract data 2016

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Pricing: 20 profile reports free per month
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General Interest
Check out your neighborhood
sample screenshot of demographic mapping tool
data visualization of age demographic in neighbourhood
demographic mapping with profile report
demographic summary data for neighbourhoods in Canada

Designed for quick access to neighborhood demographic highlights on your mobile device or computer. Includes geo-location capabilities meaning with a click you have insights on the neighborhood where you are standing. Search a map to profile any neighborhood in Canada.

2016 Census ADA and tract data is analyzed and benchmarked to to identify traits that make an area unique. National coverage for every neighborhood including age, family structure, presence of children, household income and housing types.

Share your neighborhood insights for additional reports each month

Good as a first step to site selection analysis for small business owners, real estate agents and potential new franchisees looking for instant insights about a neighborhood.


data analytics software for small and medium retailers


Location intelligence and site selection apps for small businesses and small teams/departments

Census street level (dissemination area) data 2016

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Pricing: SUBSCRIPTION starting at $250/month
Additional insights available

Site Selection
Segmentation (everyone can understand)
Compare locations

Small business & regional
National retailers (location analysis)
Consumer centric marketing
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data visualization summary demographics
customer and market segmentation example
family demographic profile for a trade area

Designed to create a visual story about the people and their interests within store trade areas everywhere in Canada. Evaluate a new location while on the phone with a real estate professional or complete a detailed analysis of your entire retail network.

WiseGeo clients estimate the physical location accounts for 90% of the controllable success factors when openning a new store with demographics being the most important factor - this app provides instant highlights for you and your team

Automated data gathering and data interpretation processes using best practices. Small businesses and regional retailors have competitive insights traditionally only available with a team of business analysts, data scientists and external consultants. Large retailers have access to vital insights in seconds that use to take days or weeks to prepare.

2016 Census street level (dissemination area) data, places of interest/businesses (2+ million), geo-location data, and more

Subscription includes an annual license for one user, 25 reports per month. Contact us for details

advanced site selection software for enterprise


Consumer and location intelligence - Competitive analysis, market sizing and marketing support for teams

Predictive analytics data (predicted to FSALDU/ postal code)

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Pricing: SUBSCRIPTION starting at $1200 per month
Premium data and customization extra

Site selection and evaluation
Market size and opportunity planning
Retail, restaurant and shopping insights
Digital and traditional targeting

Most granular data predictions in Canada
Consumer lifestyle and interests
Customized reports and functionality
media preference profile sample for trade area
market size for spending items
demographic lifestyle and interests profile
also have pcensus or environics analytics type data as support

Designed as an expert app to gather and interpret vital demographic and interest behaviors. Automates location intelligence insights enabling you to evaluate your entire network of locations faster than it traditionally takes to evaluate a single location.

Executives use WiseGeo as the first step for site selection and our clients estimate they save 3-10 hours per potential store. "I now evaluate 100% of potential locations and visit 10% of the stores I used to ... this saves me 1/2 day trip each store" "My real estate and analysis teams have information faster and better than every other franchisor .. this is most important for rush or competive leasing bids"

Premium predictive media data includes digital and traditional media preferences, social media use, and advertising impact by medium

Postal code level data predictions (FSALDU National coverage). Premium data requires a membership

A complimentary location analysis is provided by the WiseGeo data scientist team. Custom reports available

geolocation api with census data


Personalization data for digital content - append insights to your geo-location data

Based on geo-location input

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IP, postal code or mobile geo-location inputs
Raw, scored or tailored data returns
Batch consumer data appends (customers or web visitors)
Geo-fencing data including proximity to competitors

Data to personalize content
Targeting options for your content inventory
Omnichannel support for agencies
Targeting without tracking
wisegeo sample screenshot of demographic software interface
data visualization of age demographic in neighbourhood
data visualization of families demographic in neighborhood
demographic data for neighbourhoods in Canada

Designed to provide web sites with personalization data to better enhance user engagement without requiring any private data users. Google Ad-Words and Facebook Targeting leverage user-specific data - WiseGeo APIs allow you to target unknown users based on the demographics of their geo-location

Places of interest data means you can predict how close a web visitor is to your competitor's physical store

Web sites of all sites can use predictive data traditionally only available to the Global social media giants

Links geo-location inputs to WiseGeo's geo-demographic data. Response options include raw data or configured/tailored data such as a specific campaign to display.

"Don't promote a snow blower to people in an apartment building" "People with this demographic are multiple times more likely to buy my product" "I can provide my advertisers with demographic targeting similar to Facebook" "I can test my content to millennials" "I can save a sale when my visitor is shopping on-site at my competition" "I can predict this visitor is at work"

Value your user's privacy - no cookies, no tracking, no sign-up, no-instrusive data


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