Demographic Profile
Don Valley West / Don Valley-Ouest

Community Highlights

Data based on 3,478 households using Canadian census data (2016). Vital demographic traits include:

  • Age: 33.3% Boomers (age 50-64)
  • Income: $215,698
  • Family Type: 50% Families (with children)
Don Valley West / Don Valley-Ouest

Neighborhood Summary
Households 3,478
Population 9,266
Generation X
Detached house
Other Dwellings
Boomers (age 50-64)
Pre school (age 0-4)
Elementary (5-9)
Middle School (10-14)
High School (15-19)
Families (with children)
Single Detached

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Location Demographic Profile

Area analyzed
map based on geo-location of census area
Neighborhood profile
Don Valley West / Don Valley-Ouest population 9,266
Canadian Census Tract or ADA region
Age of adults
age of adults in the neighborhood
33.3% Boomers (age 50-64)
Prevalent age group when compared to National average
Percent of adults (20+)
Presence of children
presence of kids in the neighbourhood
Family Friendly
23.7% are children - this is considered average (image approxates age)
Percent of population under age 20
Household Income
Neighborhood income
The median household income in Canada is $76,000
Household income before tax
Family Structure
Neighborhood family types
50% Families (with children)
This is the most common living arrangement
Household living arrangements
Dwelling Styles
Housing in the neighbourhood
70.1% Single Detached
Noteworth type of home in the community
Dwelling type by household

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Data and Sources

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The map is centered on the area profiled with green boundaries shown when available. This neighborhood is within the district Don Valley West / Don Valley-Ouest.

Source Data 2016 Census data using ADA / Census Tract boundaries (average 2000-5000 households). Source data is reproduced and distributed on an "as is" basis with the permission under its Open Licence agreement. This report or software does not constitute an endorsement by Statistics Canada.

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