Personalization Based on Geo-Location

How and why to tailor your content based on visitor demographics and location

WiseGeo provides an API service that provides location intelligence and demographics responses enabling personalized content.

WiseGeo links the geo-location of your visitor with the demographics of that area. Data is calculated for the location and transformed into a response you want. This can be raw data (for your own algorithms) or interpreted data responses (such as the campaign ID/URL to use on your website). Within milliseconds and before your web site opens, your website will have the data to personalization digital content.

STEP 1 easy trade area software for retailers
Send geo-location data to WiseGeo's API
Your website sends WiseGeo the latitude and longitude of your customer when they click on your website
STEP 2 demographic profile of a trade area
Receive location and demographic data
Age, income, housing and other data you want is sent back to your website within milliseconds
STEP 3 demographic profile of a trade area
Personalize digital content for the specific user
Use data to enhance your customer's experience based on demographics of each visitor

Why personalize your digital content with WiseGeo API

Computers, tablets and mobile phones already provide you with the physical location of your website visitors when they come to your site. This is what the button "Use my current location" means when you visit a web site and how Google Maps, Facebook, and Uber know your GPS.

WiseGeo enriches this location data for all your (Canadian) visitors with demographics and interests of people. Our APIs provide data on housing, age, income, ethnicity and family structure for you to use to personalize your content.

Facebook targeting and Google Adwords allow you to tailor posts/ads to the right customer. WiseGeo provides a similar capability when people land on your website.

Our goal is to provide you with insights that help improve conversion rates, ROI and gain a competitive advantage by providing the right content to the right people.

Personalization API Options

Required from your website

  • Your API key - this is your access code provided by WiseGeo. Contact us for a free developer API key to get started
  • Geographic component of your website visitor - you can use latitude/longitude (most precise data) available when users click "allow my location" button that is common when browsing on your mobile device, 6 digit postal code, IP address (least precise but available for almost every website visitor)

WiseGeo Response options

  • Data quality score - a score from 1 lowest to 5 highest. The highest occur when latitude/longitude data is sent and the website visitor is in a residential area
  • Location score - This score indicates the likelihood that a person is in a residential area or business area. Demographic traits are based on residential locations.
  • Raw demographic and housing data (source is census and other data providers) - select specific variables including young children (age 0-9), Older children (age 10-19), Millennials (age 20-34), Generation X (age 35-49), Baby Boomers (age 50-64), Seniors (age 65+), Family structure: families (with children at home), Family structure: Singles (no children at home), Family structure: Couples (no children at home), Family structure: Other (multiple family households and other arrangements), Household income (dollar amount), Housing type: detached home, Housing type: Apartment (5+ stories), Housing type: Condo (1-5 stories), Housing type: Other (includes duplex, semi/row houses)
  • Scored data - WiseGeo will interpret each demographic attribute and provide a score from 1 lowest to 5 highest (integer)
  • Competitive proximity score - Count on the number of competitors' retail locations are within close proximity to the website visitor (customizable)
  • Custom campaign recommendation - Customized and pre-configured response based on your needs . For example, the response can be an offer ID, image URL, custom segment score, etc. based on how you configure responses required (customizable)

Using Data APIs for your Digital Content

Compliment your Google Adwords and Facebook targeting

Use the same techniques to enhance the customer experience based on demographics while a person is on your website - show the right content to the right people

Customer experience
Don't promote a show blower to someone living in an apartment building

Get housing and income data based on your customer's geo-location to promote items your customers want.

Get started with personalized recommendations

Netflix and Amazon use data about users to recommend best fit products. Location and demographic data is a low risk first step to get started along the same path.

Tailored content
Save a customer from your competitor

Identify if your potential customer is on your site while at your competitor's retail store. Can you provide an offer to save the sale?

Competitive sales
Allow facebook style targeting on your site

Provide your advertisers the ability to sponsor content on your site based on the location and demographics of a visitor.

Improve ad sales
Customer intelligence for all size companies

Gain access to the same customer intelligence data and insights previously only available to Global corporations.

Small business


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